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  1. Wax warmer for cartridges: how to use at home?

    How to use your professional wax warmer for 100 ml cartridges at home Waxing with a wax warmer for 100 ml wax cartridges from The Waxing Shop is very easy. For example the Executive wax warmer which is part of the Home Waxing Kit Executive: Home Waxing Kit Executive with 2 wax cartridges of your choice. Here you can read how it's done: If you are going to use a wax you have never used before, then first test the wax on a small part of the skin 24 hours before waxing. 1) Place the wax cartridge in the wax warmer. The wax cartridge will remain IN the wax warmer during the entire treatment. 2) Push the cord into the...

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